Monday, July 7, 2008

5 Things

5 Things About Me That Affect My Health:

1. I do not handle stress well. (i.e. I use food to calm me down and make me feel good.)
2. If I do not have a plan for every meal, I will not make good spontaneous decisions.
3. If I mess up early in the week, I will most likely bollox up everything else until the new week starts.
4. I celebrate with food.
5. I rely on others to help me make good decisions, and if I am not blogging or talking to those close to me about decisions concerning my health, I am digging myself into a pit of mistakes.

Let's sum it up:
Stress - Plan - Candid Support --> Stress^2 + Bad Decisions = a 1.8 lb gain + a whole lotta regret + Jabba the Hut-like grodiness.

I'm slowly beginning to realize that I can't treat this as a race, a marathon, or even a competition against myself. I'm in this for my health, for my life, for my happiness. (And I am beyond sick of seeing giant 200's on the scale. Why did I buy a scale with such a large display?)


Andrew is getting fit said...

One day at a time...that's the way.

Your feed is finally working again so I'm getting your posts. For a long time I haven't been for some reason.

ptg said...

Keep up the great work...I know it's tough but soon, SOON you'll be in onederland again.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I know that feeling so well! I'm sorry, I know it sucks, but it will get better, but only when you stop beating yourself up! You CAN do this! =)

Crystal said...

You've scoped out the problem areas and now you are ready to conquer them. I have no doubt that you can get back on track. Soon the big numbers on the scale will be a joyous sight.