Monday, August 11, 2008

Told Ya I'd Be Back

And here I am, weighing in at 203.4. Okay, now that's over with: pictures of what I've been doing the past several weeks...

The final collection of stuff.

My new front door, and the love zennias. Oh yeah, we went there. 

Posing with Bill Faulkner's statue on Oxford's Square.

Celebratory Sham-Pag-In!

On the health front, I'm actually surprised my weight isn't higher. I've stocked my fridge with produces, fruit, and whole grains, and I'm already getting back into the swing of things. I spent the weekend with my grandparents, who live just over two hours from my new city, and they sent me home with *tons* of vegetables they'd picked from their gardens this summer. When I say "their" I mean all my great-aunts' gardens. My Granny was the oldest of 8 siblings, all of whom still live in the same town, and almost all of whom have wonderful gardens. I missed most of their fresh produce this season, so the stuff I brought home has been frozen for about a month, but I still figure it's better than what I could buy! I'm looking forward to their winter crops..


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Hope you are having fun unpacking! UGH! I hate moving!! Good Luck & Congrats on your new "home sweet home"!! Can't wait to read more.

wallowgirl said...

Hey welcome back! I hate moving! I moved 4 times kicking and screaming the whole time. Good luck to you!