Monday, December 8, 2008


Christmas is 17 days away. Seriously? Where did all this time go? Oh yes, I remember now, Thanksgiving break ate it all up. I've been shedding the 5 pound gain I had over the break (yeah, I went a little crazy--engagement means a lot of celebration dinners and lunches) and I'm at about 189 right now. I'm working towards getting to my Christmas goal, so maybe I I DEFINITELY need to journal for the next two weeks to really keep me on track. I haven't journaled in such a long time, but I'm not trusting my judgment right now, especially when I get to go home for 5 whole weeks this weekend. Times like these I need a babysitter. A babysitter who can help me lose 6 pounds in 17 days.


MizFit said...

Ill be the babysitter if you'll baby sit for me :)

the toddler is such a good taskmistress and will keep you runningplayingskippingdancing those el bees away!

Anonymous said...

GUESS WHO.... Remember me?!?!? I'm back and I just nominated you for an award! Come check it out! =D