Monday, April 13, 2009

I Have a Problem.

I started this blog last January. I weighed 214 pounds.

Today, 16 months later, I weigh 202 pounds.

If you were to graph my weight (how convenient!), it would look like this:

Obviously, I have some work to do. My trend seems to be that I a) lose about 10 pounds in a month or so, b) gain about 5 back in a week, c) maintain/gain really slowly for several weeks, then d) repeat step 'a.'

I would really like to stay with step A for longer than a month. Avoiding steps B and C would be nice too. Let's just jump from A to D.

Anyone have any helpful tips to make that happen for me? (HA!)


Lynn said...

Well, obviously everyone's weight loss efforts are different;

What are you doing now? Trying to be "perfect" and then "binging"? Restricting your calories to less than 1,200 a day?

(I should probably know this, but I follow so many weight loss blogs that I don't always remember who does what...)

Most people know, deep down, what it is they're doing wrong... maybe you should keep a food log for a few weeks and see what your eating patterns are. Don't make any changes, just log your food and workouts.

Sara said...

You should stick to our deal. I'm going to start calling you. I know you're busy, but you do need to take a little time for yourself to make those healthy meals. And those Jillian workouts are about 25 minutes.

Just make a little time for yourself.

Alisha said...

you do WW right?....have you ever committed to a meeting? Those kept me going week to week. Free registration now and you can get monthly pass for $20 for the first month. Ok I know that is another 30 min out of your week and you are a busy lady. And I know they don't work for everyone. So maybe I am blabbing too much?!? Sorry.

Crystal said...

How's your routine? Do you get bored with it after awhile? I find that to be one of my problems. I am all gung-ho when I start and kick butt then two weeks later I start slacking off.

Never give up and you will get there!