Monday, April 20, 2009

One Step at a Time

Things I'm Doing Well:

  • Avoiding eating out and cooking almost all of my meals
  • Skincare. Taking off makeup and moisturizing is a good thing, yo.
  • I'm about halfway done with my syllabus for the summer. My kids are going to have a kickass time reading war literature and writing their little fannies off.
  • Keeping expectations high about my summer class.
  • Being sociable more--made a few new friends and am actually gonna be brave and go to the beach with them this summer.
  • Packing lunches for long days at school. My Bento is awesome.
  • Listening to happy music.
  • Keeping up with most of my homework.
  • Putting off those bigger projects that can really wait until I have more time.
  • Growing my own vegetables and herbs. My plants are getting huge. Post soon.
  • Looking at things that make me happy. Like these awesome pictures of Dustin and I.
Things to Do Better In:
  • Faulkner class.
  • Getting papers back to students.
  • Sleep schedule (please ignore the post time on this).
  • Playing with kittencats more. They've been bored since Dustin's visit ended.
  • Exercise. You miss it, you really do.
I like that my "I'm awesome" list is longer than my other list.


Skeletor's Mommy said...

Those engagement pictures are gorgeous. And I really like your dress. :)