Wednesday, June 24, 2009

B&Lu, I love you.

Remember when I drooled over some pretty clothes? Well, I ordered some pretty clothes. And guess what? B&Lu lived up to my every expectation.

I got these things:Layla Dress, $58

Raquel Dress, $59
(I thought about returning this dress, as it's too sexy to teach in, and I don't ever go anywhere worthy of such a nice dress. But I think I'll keep it. I feel sexy in it, so someone needs to invite me to a wedding or something, pronto.)

(See? Told you I have a nice butt.)


lauren said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! LOVE the Raquel dress and the Juliet top - you look fab! :)

Dustin said...

Let's see... How can I sum this up properly..


There we go.

Anonymous said...

you look gooddddddddddd