Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why are fat girls in the gym?

One week officially under my belt! I feel like I've done really well for my first week - I got lots of veggies in, drank almost as much water as I'm supposed to every day, and even got myself excited about working out.

I'm really lucky to go to a university that has a FREE on-site gym for its students. Nice gym, too, with ellipticals and treadmills both of which have little tvs above the heart rate monitors that you can listen to with headphones. They're even hooked up to cable, which is nice, because I don't even have cable in my apartment. They have Swiss balls, weighted balls, free weights, and weight machines. And, for my added happiness, showers and lockers. All of this 20 paces from the library, my certifiable home base for my final semester.

The swankiness of it all got me a little excited, so I went for the first time a couple of days ago. I jogged for thirty minutes. My brother showed up and he showed me how to use some of the machines. I probably worked way too hard, especially considering I got home, went entirely hypoglycemic, and threw up the remnants of my tuna salad & spinach wrap. Yummy, huh?

I'll be taking it easy the next few days, sticking to yoga and my hand weights at home. I FINALLY found a cheap yoga block and strap, so that will great to help me stretch out my complaining muscles.