Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We Were Born to Be in Love With Our Bodies

This video was made as part of a new ad campaign for Planned Parenthood. And whatever your views on PP are, I'd encourage you to watch this, because I think the message is important for all people, and I'm not just talking about healthy sex here. If you take out the phrase "our reproductive selves" and "down there" and replace it with "our healthy selves" and "of our full selves," you can get a sense that really, somewhere along the lines, we've forgotten how to love ourselves.

If you had video issues, here's the text, which I'm gonna print out (edited to be relevant to overall health and not just sexual health) and put on my fridge:

We were born to be in love with our bodies.
Ask any three year old.
But somewhere down the road to growing up,
we put our healthy selves in the dark.
Rather than worry about what went wrong, we should remember:
It's never too late to know ourselves.
After all, we are ultimately in charge of our bodies.
It may be the most important responsibility we have.
Starting today, let's make a pact: to make our bodies our best friends.
So that when we make decisions,
we're empowered and aware.
And let's promise
to pass that power on by asking everyone to join us...
and take care of our full selves.


Anonymous said...

That is so true! We do need to love ourselves, and treat our bodies kinder, instead of always hating this and that about our bodies. Imagine if the one you loved, constantly critisized and insulted you... think about it! 7 times out of 10, while looking in the mirror, I think something bad about myself... how horrible is that!

Time to change our way of thinking!

Crystal said...

I hear ya girl! We are definitely our own worst critics and I think if we tried to love ourselves more, things would be easier.