Friday, October 24, 2008

Clothing Issues

One of my favorite dresses is visibly too large on me now. I noticed it today as I was studying shopping. It's an XL from Old Navy, and its meant to be one of those incredibly billowy dresses (which I looooove), but it does have a small elastic bit around the waistline. But even the elastic bit isn't clinging to me anymore.

So although I'm super glad things are getting too big for me, I'm bummed that I'll only be able to wear my favorite pieces for a few weeks (months in some cases) more. Luckily, I saved a bunch of my size 14 jeans, so I only had to buy one new pair. But all my dress pants, except one pair, are already too big. My skirts are either falling off of me or are too small still. Thankfully (I think) my bust measurements pretty much require an XL, even though my waist actually fits a bit better in (most) Larges.

That's the thing with weight loss, though, isn't it? It's so great that we're getting healthy and growing happier and happier with our bodies, but then we've got to splurge on clothes, and I don't think ANY of us have the cash to do that?

I think we should start a swap group. Think a combo of Wardrobe_Remix and Wardrobe Swap Shop (both groups on Flickr which I constantly lurk but haven't joined). Would anyone be interested in joining a group like this? It'd be a great way to get new pieces added to your closet in your size, and since we're all at different stages in our progress, I think there would be a big enough pool of sizes and styles to please a lot of people. Let's think about it.


Dustin said...

"Thankfully (I think) my bust measurements pretty much require an XL, even though my waist actually fits a bit better in (most) Larges"

*Insert obligatory male comment about how lucky this woman's guy is*

Ashley said...

Please ignore my idiotic boyfriend.

Dustin said...

Is he bigger than me?

MizFit said...

thats such a great idea....a big group of local friends and I meet up every few months for a swap so we dont spend :)
everything from clothes to purses!


Crystal said...

I hear ya on the clothes front. It is such a great feeling to not only see the weight loss on the scale but also in the clothes but to have to get a new wardrobe every couple of months as you keep getting fit is tough on the cash cow here. There actually is a price to pay for getting in shape!

Charlie Hills said...

Actually, I have the opposite problem. Ninety percent of my closet is the small stuff which I've been hanging onto for dear life in the vain hope it'll fit again someday.

Although I probably should get rid of the corduroy suit from 1978 in any case.

Alisha said...

I have lots of old navy clothes in the 12-14 range and large tops. Some stuff from....not sure where you are or if you are interested. I have thought about this before I HATED trashing nice things because they didn't fit anymore....and your guy is totally sweet. Reminds me of me and the hubby when we started out....driving all kinds of hours to see me for two of them before he had to drive all the way back. Thanks for sparking the memory. And I want to read a good classic....any suggestions? I better go before you think I am an insane would be right. ;)

Ashley said...

I've got no contact info for you! Shoot me an email at or send me a link to your blog!!
Be well,