Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Road Trippin'

Okay, the paper is almost done, the novel is being read, and all I have left to do this week is turn in said paper and teach said novel. Friday morning almost here! Travel day. I get to go home to my family, to my boyfriend, to a beautifully brined Turkey and delicious stuffing. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, especially when I haven't seen my boyfriend in a little over a month, and my parents and brother in over three!

The downside? The drive. Oxford is about 8 hours (480-something miles) away from Augusta, and I have to go through both Birmingham and Atlanta. Pretty much the rest of the way is farmland.

But I cope. I've got my road trip music (satellite radio is the *best!*), I'll have my cats in the front seat next to me (in their carrier), I'll be wearing comfy road clothes, gas is back down to the $2 range across the southeast, and I've got a few quarters saved for a diet coke.

One problem. Road food. I'm pretty good about not stopping for fast food. The fact that I try to hit the road before 7 helps curb that temptation a lot! By the time I get to Birmingham, it's still to early for lunch, and when I hit Atlanta, I've only got two hours before Augusta, so I might as well wait for the meal Moms cooked for me. But here's my downfall: when I stop for gas (I drive a Japanese economy car, so I only have to stop 2 or 3 times--I can get to Augusta on just a little more than a tank), but at each stop, I tend to buy chips, a candy bar, maybe an ice cream cone, and a diet soda. Whoah! That is far too many bad calories in one completely inactive day. Plus, it leaves me feeling more groggy than driving past 8 hours of farmland does!

So what do I pack? What do you guys rely on for healthy, energizing road food?


Alisha said...

Ok, my number one idea when I don't really want to overeat....I wear tight clothes. Although I have never done that on an eight hour drive. :( But like family get togethers, I wear tight they stop me. I stop to get drinks and such BEFORE I get too hungry so that I am not tempted to grab anything and everything. As for actual food, have you tried soy can eat more of those for less calories or FF could eat the whole can for 200 calories. Maybe this will help!

Anonymous said...

If you need to grab something to munch on I would suggest something high in protien to keep you satisfied. I love clif bars for this. They act like a meal for me in a pinch and they are high in fiber and protien. The other idea is nuts. Nuts hold me over really well.

Alisha said...

I guess I should have offered more healthy options.....sorry lol!