Sunday, November 23, 2008

So, Guess What?

Dustin and I are engaged!!!!

After I unwittingly foiled his plan A this afternoon, he took me the university where we met, to the ampitheater where we had a memorable picnic date. He pulled out a Norton edition of Shakespeare, in which he'd stashed a ring box.

And of course, I cried. And said 'yes.'

We're getting married!!!

(And of course I'm keeping a wedding blog; I've had it locked until Dustin asked. :o) Keep up with us at here).


Anonymous said...


Best wishes, can't wait to follow the wedding blog - I am a sucker for weddings!

MizFit said...

pic of you two for us? o'the happy couple??

Anonymous said...

See what happens when I go away for a while... I miss everything!!

I am sooo happy for you! Yay! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding plans! =)

Congrats, girlie! =D

ambika said...

Congrats! That's just fabulous! Especially for the holidays--what could be a better gift?!