Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Surprise

....that after two weeks of struggling to lose even a pound, one day of exercise did the trick. I'm at 194 (still working off that holiday weight!) I should be kicking myself for not getting out there sooner, but this is just encouraging me to get back out there again on Friday (C25K demands a rest day between each training session).

Also, don't hesitate to enter to win Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food! Just go here, and leave a comment!


Crystal said...

Good for you girl! Exercise really is so good to get in, sometimes it's just so hard to get out there and do it. Kudos to you for getting the job done.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just found your blog :-) LOVE In Defense of Food too. Also started running last year via CP25K program. Also love Obama. We already have three things in common! lol Will be checking in ... Michelle

Sara said...

I'm proud of you Ashley! Keep up the good work!