Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Just Happened Here?

It started with a text: Be ready to be picked up at 6:00 >:)

I love my fiance, because he'll take me on a date without telling me where we're going. But then I realized that I had no idea what to wear.

I'm staying at my parents' house right now--I'm on winter break from school. So I packed a suitcase full of winter clothes, because, well, it's winter. When I left Oxford, the nights were below freezing, and the days warmed up to the mid 40s. It was only a little warmer in Augusta. Until I got there, and a few days later, it was in the 80s, and people were doing their Christmas shopping in sandals and tank tops. Except myself, who packed sweaters. For the entirety of Christmas break, I've been wearing a rotation of three long sleeve tees and the dress clothes I got at an after-Christmas sale.

So I'm standing in front of my closet, fully realizing that I am, by all standards, SOL. Dustin said not to wear heels, so my dresses are out, but the jeans I like are too short because I didn't pay attention to the tag and bought the shorts instead of regulars! And the shirt I like is dirty because I've worn it two days in a row! And I can't believe I didn't have the foresight to pack my adorable leopard-print flats! And I can't believe how boring all my clothes are! I wish I could put together cute outfits like everyone else on Wardrobe_Remix! And wait, I still have bags under my eyes!! And what's up with my hair? Why is it lopsided? How can it be frizzy on one side, but flat on the other? Why isn't it curling in that ridiculously cute way? And I've gained 10 pounds over the holidays so nothing fits and I'M SO FAT!

And suddenly, instead of being excited about going out with Dustin, I felt insecure, angry at myself, and jealous of people I've never even met. Thankfully, I recognized all of these feelings as ridiculous, and promptly kicked myself in the shins. I put on those too-short jeans, that dirty shirt (don't tell anyone), and borrowed a pair of black-low heels from my mom. And you know what? I think I look pretty good.


MizFit said...

you look pretty GREAT!

now lets removed the p-word.

you do look, simply, GREAT.

Alisha said...

I proud that you kicked yourself in the shins....just hope it didn't hurt too bad, lol. I am still wanting to send stuff....you have to remind me. ACK sorry like you don't have more to do! ;) I hope the date was fab...yes details please.

Dustin said...

She perked up during the drive to our outing locations. And, to affirm everyone, Ashley looked fantastic!
I swear this woman gets exponentially prettier each time I see her.

Amy S. said...

Great attitude, and you do look like one sexy bitch. Hooray

Crystal said...

You are smokin girl!