Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Um, It's Still January.

I went into Target tonight, and mine eyes were assailed with racks of these:

Target? It's still freaking January. I know I live in Mississippi/Georgia, where winter isn't so much of a season as a cold, passing breeze, but seriously? I'm still trying to quit nomming Christmas peanut brittle and New Year's amaretto.

P.S. Does it freak anyone else out that you can see this girl's ribs above her boobs????


MizFit said...

and here *I* am trying to find a toddler bathing suit for indoor swimming (yesterday in an unorganized panic) and there was NOT A ONE TO BE FOUND.

of course.

Ssmith29 said...

I am new to your site and I love it! Especially all your pinup pics, my ultimate goal is to be sexy curvy and have some of my own done.

As far as swim suits are concerned: Yes it is disturbing. Especially considering I am prego and giving birth in May prior to peak season for swimming in the midwest, well now I just feel huge. Especially guessing some sickly thin little friends of mine will be laying around in these while I likely will be trying to hide in a Mumu. But on the upside my chest will look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I never want to be that skinny.. I mean come on! Thats kinda freaky!

Unfortunately, its always swimsuit season down in Sunny S.FL! I used to work at a swim suit store in the mall, its kida weird seeing kiddos dressed up to go take a pic with Santa, and selling bikini's at the same time. Poor kids, sweating in Santa's lap, in their "winter" clothes while its 80 deg outside!! LOL... Anything for a good Chrsitmas picture!!

Dustin said...

It amazes me that you ladies pick up on so many things that we (men) miss. Ashley and I were in Target for maybe fifteen minutes, and we never even went into the clothes section. She mentioned something about the summer stuff, but I was too focused on coaxing her from the one-spot.