Monday, February 9, 2009


Before I start, you should know about Lynn. She's raising money for the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure, which she'll take part in. Go here before you read my self-interested rambles, mmmkay?

Okay, wow. Why is Week 2 so much harder than Week 1?

The minute I started running, my entire body felt like it was full of sand--heavy, capable of moving, but not of its own accord. I stopped running 10 or so seconds before the ending signal twice, and completely skipped the 5-minute cool down. Yeah, I know, but at least I stretched.

So obviously, I'll be redoing Week 2, Day 1 until I get it. There's no point in my moving on to Week 3 when I so obviously need the extra time on Week 2!

Also, all running pants should come with drawstrings so you don't show your underwear to old men. They should also come with pockets so you don't put your iPhone/Running Prompt podcast in between your boobs at an uncomfortable angle.


QL girl said...

That is precisely why I got an iPod shuffle, lol. I used to scoff at them ("why on earth would anyone need something so small, and only 1 gig?") but they make sense now....PERFECT for working out. (Plus it would've been cheaper than me getting an updated iPod. I have a clunky white one.)

I always think Day 2 is harder than Day 1 and wonder why that is....maybe your body has figured out what's coming and is putting up a rebellion? Or maybe not.

I slacked again yesterday, so now its been over a week since I've worked out. =[ Good job on keeping with your schedule though!