Friday, February 20, 2009

Note to Self

Dear Ashley,
I know you love your new running capris, but guess what? There's a reason they're called running leggings. They're for running! Or at least jogging. Guess what they're no for? Sleeping. Lounging. Showing off how cute your ass is. When you put them on, you should be going to the park! Not sitting on your cat-fur covered chair eating Candy Hearts. Because guess what? After too many candy hearts and not enough running, your ass won't be that cute anymore.
Love always,
Your Smarter Self


MizFit said...

LAUGHED OUT LOUD AS THIS as my loving husband has made those same comments to this woman.
with a drawer filled with those 'tights' (thank you Target!) none of which have run a step.

Sara said...

I had a similar moment today when I went to the doctor to get my third gardisil shot and I wanted to see my weight. I think I finially broke my hot chocolate addiction.