Friday, April 4, 2008

A Procrastinator's Breakfast: A Review

I don't do breakfast very well. For a while, I was eating a Nature Valley granola bar and either a cup of OJ or skim milk every day, but I got tired of it, so instead of doing the smart thing and finding something else quick to eat, I quit eating breakfast regularly. Which is really, really stupid in terms of trying to keep a good healthy diet in play. I am, however, a cereal fiend, but rarely have time to eat the stuff. Bachelor chow requires a bowl and milk, and that pesky spoon thing, and it's not something I can walk around and get dressed while eating. Until, that is, I met Cereal On the Go.
I can't/won't eat breakfast while trying to find my left shoe, but I will eat it at work while checking e-mails. The blue cup holds the milk, and it's a gel-filled thing you freeze, so it keeps your milk cold (I think for 4 hours, but I haven't tried it for that long yet.) The clear cup holds your cereal, and the lid contains that fold-up plastic spoon. It holds 5.7 oz of milk, and 12 oz. of cereal. Why they didn't just make it an even cup both ways is beyond me.

My user-review: I used Cereal On the Go for the first time this morning. I froze the cup over night, poured my milk around 9:40, and opened it up again at around 11:30. I swear, my milk was colder than it was in the fridge, which I loved. There wasn't any spilling or leaking in my lunch box either, except for condensation that collected around the frozen milk cup. The spoon was a little awkward to use. It didn't seem to be designed for an adult mouth or hand, but usable. The lid to the cereal cup just kind of pops on and off, so I was worried that it would come off the first time I banged my lunch box on my desk and I'd have Life cereal everywhere, but it didn't. If it does that in the future I'll let you know. The milk to cereal ratio (ha!) was not as good as I would have liked. I love a lot of milk, and there just isn't room enough in the thing for it. But overall, really handy. I had breakfast this morning while reading all of your blogs (yes, at work).

Cereal On the Go retails at on sale for $4.99, and my total cost, including shipping and tax was $7.02. You can't beat that. I saw this thing Staples once, but when I went back for it, it wasn't there, nor could I find it online. I got the green one, and it was more neon-colored than in the picture. I'm giving this product 4.5 of 5 rating-ma-jiggers.


Scale Junkie said...

That looks like a great little invention! I could have used one of those before I worked from home.

Kathleen said...

Wait a sec...$7 for just one of those thingies?

Kathleen said...

OK!!! I just realized what it is. It's not a disposable cup o' cereal. You can reuse it....ok...I take it back. Decent investment. You have my approval. Carry on.