Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cold Hard Bitch

So I decided to kick my own ass during my workout tonight. It worked, better than expected. I ran on the elliptical for, wait for it, wait for it... an hour. A whole hour. 60 minutes. The goal I had in my mind was 30 minutes, but I didn't set the machine to a program so I would be more likely to keep going after I hit the 30-minute mark. After I hit 30 minutes, I convinced my lungs that 5 more minutes would be good for me, my legs that the 5 after that would be even better, and so on until I was reading 60:00 on the clock. But despite how awesome my run felt, I probably worked a bit too hard--I grabbed what I thought was a light dinner, and threw it all up once I ate it. Pleasant, huh?

My mp3 player I'm borrowing from my boyfriend is turning out to be a real blessing. I never really listened to music while working out- my iPod has a disappointing battery life, at best, and I watched the personal tv attached to each elliptical at the gym at school (that's the one thing I miss from my old gym). At Health Central, the TVs must be set to either news or sports, and since I don't get into the latter, and the former is usually tuned to Fox, television just isn't my thing at the gym. Tonight, I listened to an old Jet album, and part of Wil.i.am's Songs About Girls. Some of the Jet songs are *perfect* for a workout, all but 3, actually. I haven't listened to Jet since I bought Get Born back in 2003 or whenever it came out, but seriously, "Cold Hard Bitch" and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" are my new workout anthems.