Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coming Together

I'm not dead, I promise (if I were dead and still writing about weight loss, well, that would say a lot about the afterlife...). Life kind of crashed in around me here recently, and I had to give up some things in order to not lose it. I decided not to complete my thesis, and I've felt nothing but relief since then. My adviser, I think, saw it coming, and was really understanding. I also put aside blogging for a while, and, regrettably, keeping track of my diet and exercise (aside: I hate using hte word "diet" because I don't look at what I'm doing as a diet. I'm really striving to eat more wholesome, fresh foods so I can have a healthier, more capable body--losing weight is just part of me wanting to feel my best). I didn't completely lose it, but the last week has included far too many restaurant meals. In my defense, I had two research papers due ("Work to Live: Wilfred Owen's Poetic Healing," and "Warrior Woman: Judith's Gender Transformations"), and it was my 23rd birthday on Monday.

I think I wrote pretty good papers, and my birthday was amazing. I've been celebrating since last Wednesday, if that says anything. My boss (I work for a church) took me to a great Cajun restaurant for lunch, and he and his wife gave me a really fun Happy Birthday! / Congrats Grad! / Thanks, Administrative Assistant Day gift. I have the best boss EVER.

On my actual birthday, my boyfriend showed up at work with a huge bouquet of flowers, a book (about vegetable gardening, because even though I'm living in an apartment soon, I seriously want to have a vegetable and herb garden), and a cat Webkinz. Yes, folks, I have a Webkinz, but I won't admit to registering or naming it. Tucked inside one of the gifts was a little card that said "Ashley's First Destination." He then handed me the hand-held GPS we go Geocaching with, and sent me on my way to a birthday scavenger hunt. He loaded me up with super cool birthday loot, including my way-awesome car navigation system now named Olivia, and took me out for a fabulous dinner and dessert. I have the best boyfriend EVER. (And yes, I now have two GPSs. Ridiculous, I know, but the Garmin Nuvi is seriously awesome. Dustin justified buying it for me by reminding me of my upcoming move to Mississippi and my all-too-frequent ability to get lost while driving to the bank... Plus, dating a Geek Squad Agent-On-Deck has made me a bit of a tech dork).

I celebrated with my parents last night-- I'm now tabbing pages in The Joy of Cooking and Vegetables Every Day. Vegetables is really fun--"Farmer" Jack Bishop runs through all the properties of tons of different veggies (organized by class for easy reference) and then lists the best ways to cook, store, and use them. Super great for a veggie newbie like myself. They also got me XM Radio (Yay!!!!!), but at my dad was put in charge of that part of my birthday gift, it won't be getting here until Monday. In the meantime, though, I'll put together earrings from the book my mom found at the Salvation Army (my mom has a vintage clothing boutique at an antique mall, so she's always combing thrift shops for neat finds). Seriously, it's a book of cardstock like earring that you fold and glue together. It was published in 1989, so you can only imagine some of the designs... being the dork I am, I can't wait to wear some out. I have the best parents EVER.

In other fantabulous news, the GPC at Ole Miss sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago--I got a teaching fellowship!! This is taking a huge financial burden off of my shoulders. I'll still have to get loans, but not at nearly the amount I was looking at before I got the fellowship. My mom and I are going to Oxford a few days after my graduation to apartment shop. There are a couple of places I've been looking at online, but nothing's really standing out, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

And to make this post at least sort of relevant to its intended purpose: I'm hovering right around 200 right now. Now that school has slowed down (only 1 final and 1 test left!) I'll have more time to go to the gym, and I've done yoga twice this week. Dustin's taking me to the beach (I know, I know, he completely spoils me) and I bought my first tankini in ten years. It fits me and flatters my curves, but I want to tone up a bit. I haven't been to the beach in about 4 years, so I am super excited--the dance around, do the pee-pee dance, have the countdown every day until kind of way.

I am a really lucky gal.


Kathleen said...

Glad to know you're not dead! I know alot is going on. My "diet" has fallen slightly by the wayside(believe me, I view it the same way as you do, but a "diet," in the purest sense of the word, really just refers to what you eat, healthy or not), and I'm feeling a little chubby. The tan is great and so is the black hair, and I discovered Healthy Choice meals, which are decently good!
What made you decide to give up your thesis, and what does that mean now?
And yes, you do have a wonderful boyfriend. Rats for me. ;-)
And we are both blessed to have such wonderful parents. I was thinking about that the other day, well, I was thinking about MY parents at least. Heheh....