Monday, May 26, 2008

I love Summer.

I freaking love swimming pools. I haven't been in one for almost 5 years now, but my boyfriend's mom is housesitting for her next door neighbor who just happens to have a phenomenal pool...that we are free to use while she's on vacation. Score! For the past 3 days, we've been swimming around like crazy. Dustin's a great swimmer, and I, well, I've got a mean doggy paddle. And it's a great workout. My abs, arms, and legs are sore! Plus, it's the kind of "workout" you can do hours a time and not even realize the time has passed (until the sunburn on your shoulders reminds you that you haven't reapplied your sunscreen...).

Happy Summer!!


Kathleen said...

Totally agree! Even if I'm just in the deep end treading water, I'm getting a workout. Definitely nowhere near as boring as weight rooms. And when I'm at the Y, I can kinda laugh at the kids and cheer on the lil ol' ladies doing aerobics. Man, can they GO!