Friday, May 23, 2008


Reasons to go to the gym:

-to get swole. 
-to check out Oh, Mike. 
-to honestly fill out the fitness minutes chart on SparkPeople.

Reasons not to go to the gym:
-to work out bad haircut frustration. 

Seriously, who cuts hair dry? And takes a razor to it after the head attached to the hair says it's never turned out right? And doesn't cut the layers the right length? Le sigh. I should really learn to speak up when I'm not happy with something I'm paying (and tipping) for. 

Bad haircuts aside, I started using the weight room at the gym. Ow. There aren't enough Oh, Mikes in the universe to make that place enjoyable. 


Kathleen said...

I agree. Now I know we're kindred spirits. I'm dealing/working with a wacky haircut too.
And I hate the weight room. Unfortunately I haven't been to work out in over a week. Will blog in a bit.