Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Frustrated and Tired

I finished my last undergraduate exam last week (an appropriate finish: I got to exempt it based on my average test grade and super-high paper grade!). I'm tired, but the apartment is clean, so it's okay.

I'm getting ready to apartment shop in Oxford. My mom and I are taking a road trip next Wednesday (I graduate this Saturday) to find a place for me to live. The prospects I've looked at online so far are okay, definitely livable, but nothing that just really feels right.

As far as weight-loss goes, I've been avoiding all aspects of it for about a month now. I'm feeling it again--the tiredness, the irritability, the bloat, and general inability to be active. It's showing in my pictures again, too--I don't like most of the pictures taken on my birthday because my face has that ridiculous chubbiness to it again.

I'm finding it hard to get motivated, and I'm usually a fairly strong self-motivator, so I'm not sure what's up--all my usual techniques are falling to the wayside in favor of delivery pizza and Reese's Pieces.