Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saddle Up, Cowgirl.

   I like fashion, particularly vintage-styled ensembles (my mom sells vintage clothes on eBay, and I'm sometimes crafty enough to swipe stuff before she posts it online...). I love perusing personal style blogs, and sometimes I'm even inspired enough to try to put together a new outfit. I work at a church with a really laid back pastor as a boss, so I don't have to be particularly dressy at work. I don't go out much, and if people see me in more than a t-shirt at school, they get a little worried. :o)

   I particularly am interested in how current trends are translated into plus-sized lines. I'm in what I consider a "bridge" size--a 16--and I can usually shop in both regular departments and plus-sized lines. My mom is in a 22, and she constantly bemoans the state of most plus-sized lines. Most are frumpy and boring, nothing at all like her personality. She's beginning to put together super cute and stylish outfits, but it's hard sometimes, especially when plus size designers apparently think that all women shopping in plus sizes want applique designed cotton t-shirts and lycra-woven jeans. 
   I won't have the energy for a new outfit every day (huzzah jeans and polos!) but when I think I've put together something at least sort of cute, I'll post it. In that spirit (that is, the spirit of trying something new whether it makes sense at all), here's today's outfit:

Faded Denim Jacket: Old Navy (5+ years old)
White and Brown Cotton Camisoles: Old Navy, $6-9 dollars on sale
White Cotton Eyelet Skirt: Thrifted
Italian Leather Boots: Thrifted
Earrings and Necklace: Panama Jack @ Wal-Mart, $4 each


Kathleen said...

Aha! The thrill of online shopping. Let me warn you about one "plus sized" online store: Silhouettes. They sure look cute online and in the catalogue, but I ordered two items and neither one was ANYTHING like what I thought (or was led to believe).
And if your mom (or you) comes across a really cute scarf, let me know! I'll buy it!

Thinking Thin said...

What a cute outfit. I tend to find cute clothes at Fashion Bug and sometimes Lane Bryant. Of course they have those tshirts too! No thank you.

I have added you to the list of "losers" and thanks for stopping by my blog.