Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feeling Like a Failure

Lately, I have been one grumpy lady. I haven't been sleeping, I miss Dustin and my family like crazy, and I can't seem to keep caught up with my schoolwork. So of course, my diet and exercise has suffered. It's not even on the back burner anymore; it's completely off the stove and stored in a Tupperware dish in the fridge behind the 24-can case of Diet Dr. Pepper. And my weight is back up to 198. Granted, that's still down from my original 214 start, but c'mon! I was at 185 before Thanksgiving, and I haven't been able to even get close to that since then!!! Needless to say, this is frustrating. I feel like even when I'm doing good work and tracking my food and exercise, I'm not losing any weight. So I go on a weekend binge, and any progress I was making went out the window. And I'm not motivated at all to work out--I've only done 3 days of 8 for my Laziness-for-Lent challenge!

I need to rearrange my mind, as I can't seem to get past seeing slow progress as a failure. How do you deal when your mind is the only obstacle? How do you convince yourself that slow progress is NOT failure?


Lynn said...

Ok; first off, accept that your feelings are what they are, and while you may or may not be able to control THEM, you don't have to let THEM control YOU, either.

Now, You need a Plan. RIGHT NOW. Stop doing whatever it is you're doing and take 15 minutes. Go through your fridge and THROW AWAY any foods that are not good for your eating plan. Get rid of cake, cookies, leftover takeaway, whatever it is that you'll snack on mindlessly.

Take another 15 minutes to rest, relax, watch some TV.

Then do 15 minutes of stuff you HAVE to do (schoolwork, housework, whatever)

Then do another 15 minutes in your kitchen. Make a shopping list. Plan out meals for a week. ALL YOUR MEALS. Go shopping, buy ONLY the things on your list. If you're not feeling creative with your meal plans, do some research on the web and find a one week menu and follow THAT.

DON'T eat out this week. Pack a lunch; don't go through the drive thru. I don't care why you might "need to". You don't. Just for one week!

Alisha said...

I am doing the same thing. For me, it has been going overboard too much and falling out of my good habits. So, I started on Sunday, and for some reason the first full week of being completely OP is the hardest for me. Then the good habits come back. So, I ditto what Lynn said. We'll make it through!

Anonymous said...

Something must be in the air... I am so with you girl!! I have no idea what is up! I am in a serious mental funk too! Ugh... its so frustrating. But honestly , we do it to ourselves! Both of us need to slap ourselves around a bit, and drag our lazy asses to the gym! No, we aren't going to like it, but we gotta do it! No other way around it... This whole weight loss thing sucks because its not easy, but I know we are stonger than this! If you're in, I'm in girlie! Time to start motivating ourselves and each other!

BTW... I though you might like this... I found a blog with daily pin ups.
a little bit more inspiration for us!! LOL =)