Monday, March 23, 2009

What a Bitch

I know I'm probably the last person in America to try Jillian's 30 Day Shred. It's as hard as everyone says. And it has to be, if she's going to slap a "Lose 20 pounds in 30 days!" message on the cover.

But wow, that was hard. I've always said that I wanted Jillian to come kick my ass during a workout. I lied. I don't want Jillian. She's mean, and she makes me hurt. She's kind of a bitch during this workout, shouting things like, "Don't you dare stop," "No cheating," "I've got 400 lb people that can do this; so can you," and "If you want results in a 20 minute workout, you've got to work for it." Thanks, Jillian. Of course I knew these things already, but it's not fun hearing that I have to work hard in a work out. I mean, sheesh, who is this woman?
Oh. Hi, Jillian. I don't have a picture of myself in a swimsuit, because it's scary. Um, thank you for being a bitch. I kind of need it.


Anonymous said...

No, my dear, you are not the last, I in fact, do not even have the dvd! =(

But now, because of your rave reviews, I WANT, NEED, have to HAVE IT!! LOL
Thats sounds awesome! I am soooo going out to look for it! I want Jillian to yell at me too!! =P

QL girl said...

lol...too true. (I actually thought she was kind of nice on the DVD though.) Its funny the effect her talking has during my workouts though....I know there's no way she'd ever find out I'm wimping out on her workouts, yet I make the extra effort to do them right, you know....just in case she does!!

Don't worry about not trying the DVD yet Shanna. I mentioned it to my family this weekend and half of them responded with "Jillian...who?" lol. Made me giggle a bit.

Alisha said...

I got this a couple of weeks ago...and yes, it I can see it working.

Kathleen said...

Omigosh, I want to try it!!!!

Sara said...

Yeah, I'm going to get it now.

Crystal said...

I "heart" Jillian. She is my favorite! I want to look like a blonde version of her...with the same kick-ass attitude.