Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Treats for People Like Me

If you're like me, you don't last very long without a sugary, usually chocolately treat. If you're even more like me, you tend to take your treats too far, and turn them into binges. And if you're exactly like me, you allow your binges to completely throw you off your game, convince me you'll never succeed, so you gain 10 pounds (or more) until you decide to star over, this time swearing off treats all together until you (inevitably) binge again.

The solution. Treat yourself. But only make enough treats to last you a couple of servings. Yes, I said make. I find that if I buy treats (say a small bag of chocolates, or a trip through Sonic's drive through for some ice cream), I don't savor it, and it's only a few days before I feel like I need another "treat," (which of course leads me to said binge).

This is my current favorite treat:

These are double dipped strawberries. They're more expensive than a regular Reese's Sonic Blast, but they're healthier, and way tastier. Oh, and you have to make them. But they are super easy to make.

You need: strawberries, 1 1/2 squares of semi-sweet baking chocolate, and 1 1/2 white chocolate baking squares. You'll also need a cookie pan, wax paper, two bowls, and a microwave.

Obviously, you're going to melt the chocolates (~45 seconds in the microwave) and then dip the strawberries. (Though it's helpful to let the first layer harden before your dip the second). And the pretty swirls? That happens when the semi-sweet shell melts into the white chocolately goodness.

I've estimated each strawberry to have right around 37 calories (I use Baker's Brand chocolates), so 3 of these is your 100-calorie snack 0' the day (minus the excess packaging and ridiculous ingredients).

So go ahead, treat yourself.


MizFit said...

If you're like me, you don't last very long without a sugary, usually chocolately treat.

thats so me as well.
while I intellectually 'get' the people who lead sugarfree lives it ALL makes me rebel.

and end up eating far too much.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo like you too!! In fact, just yesterday I went to the drugstore and was suddenly surrounded my the dreaded Easter candy!! =O I gave in and had 2 Snickers chocolate eggs! But I must say, those strawberries look waaaay yummier!! I am definitely going to try that one out! Thanks for sharing!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

my favorite evening snack is cut up strawberries, 1.5 c. for 1 point and drizzle sugar free chocolate syrup on top! LOVE IT! almost better than ice cream!

Sal said...

For serious? 37 calories? I'm going to the grocery store RIGHT NOW!