Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunny Sides of Streets

Okay, I read over my last post and realized I'm a bit of a grumpus. I tend to let the bad decisions I make take over all the good I've done.

I've lost 9 pounds in three weeks. I've stuck to my cardio plan (30 mins/3 days a week) and even done more--I do yoga every Monday and Wednesday, and sometimes during the weekend, and this past week I hit the gym a time or two extra. I've lost about an inch on my waist, and my skinny bitch jeans aren't so tight anymore. They're still not comfortable, but those 14s are there, waiting on me. I can get them on if my fat pants (which are now my everyday pants) are dirty. I write in my Lil' Fattie every day, and I post my food and exercise in SparkPeople every day as well. My energy is up, my sex drive is catching up with my boyfriend's (which he appreciates, of course). I eat fruits and lo-cal snacks now. I cook with lots of vegetables and less frozen, ready-to-eat meals.

And asides from all the tangible kinds of markers of improved health, there's more: I feel better. I'm less tired at the end of the day, I'm happier, I have a more positive attitude towards myself and my life, I laugh more, I have tons more energy--so much more, that my boss notices, I whistle while I work (literally, unfortunately), and I can have a full schedule without feeling completely overwhelmed. I'm handling my stress better.

So take that, negative subconscious. I can kick your ass any day.

Plus, I think my blog looks swanky with the new design.


Annie said...

Love the "swanky" new design of your site!!

Congrats on all the great changes you've made and it is fantastic that you are seeing some benefits already!