Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank you, Mike!

One of the perks my gym reeled me in with was the free fitness assessments they provide. I had mine today (with, yet again, another ridiculously cute gym guy...what's up with those?) In the test, my body fat % was measured, along with my flexibility, heart rate, stamina, and strength. I thought I would be really embarrassed by my results for these tests, but Mike (oh, Mike!) was the nicest guy. He was really encouraging, and when I told him what I've been doing for the past month and a half, he was surprised and impressed that I knew what I was doing. Apparently, people that come through the gym trying to lose weight are starving themselves and doing light exercise once a week and expecting the pounds to come off.

But enough of everyone else, my scores... My body fat composition was, of course, rated "poor" (the scale goes from Poor to Very Good) but I'm only a few points away from the next bracket up, so if I lose a couple of inches or so, I'll be better with that rating. My heart rate was average, stamina good, and flexibility Very Good! I wanted a gold star for that one (Yay yoga!!). My strength test was a little pathetic, so he encouraged me to step up my game on the strength training front.

I'm to stay on track, and see him again in three months. Oh Mike, how do I count the days...