Saturday, February 9, 2008

Week... 4, Now?

So what am I starting now, Week 3, 4? How many days does it take to form a habit? 21, 30? Whatever. Clearly, looking back on this past week's food/exercise log, I need some habit-forming help. I haven't had what you'd call a complete SNAFU, but it could have gotten there incredibly easily.

In recap: On Super Tuesday (c'mon Obama!), my boyfriend took me to see Juno, AGAIN (yes, it's that awesome) to prevent me from clicking "reload" on all the election analysis pages I was staring at. I couldn't resist a box of Reese's Pieces, which was really dumb of me, because I've craved them every day since. We've eaten out a lot this week, and while I've stayed within points, the food I've eaten has not been the healthiest. HealhiER, yes, but not the kinds of healthy I've needed and wanted. I'm on my period (again, you say? Take birth control regularly, I say) so I've been hungry all week--for some reason, every time I have a cycle, food that would have been more than enough for the previous week feels like nothing in my stomach during this week. I'm literally hungry--stomach churning hungry--all the time. I had another "Friday Night Letdown" last night, but it wasn't a tragedy.

Lent has started, and ironically, that means I'll be subjected to more unhealthy foods than before. I work at a church, and every Friday during Lent, the church hosts a "Lenten Lunch Hour"--people come, listen to a meditation, and then are served a free light lunch. As administrative assistant, I'm expected to attend lunch (little old ladies are the LAST people on earth you want to piss off, with the exception of church event coordinators). And since the different Sunday School classes host the lunches, the lunches aren't so much light as they are competitive. And luckily (unfortunately?) for me, there are several caterers that help prepare the lunches, so for 6 weeks, on Fridays, I'm fed like a king. I'm going to really have to cut back on breakfast and lunch just so I can eat moderate portions of what they'll serve on Fridays. And yes, I've thought about excusing myself from these lunches, or eating a different lunch with them, but I don't want to tell everyone about my trying to lose weight and be healthy--not that they won't support me, but that they will. I don't want to be encouraged to death. Plus, these are sweet little old ladies, and they'll tell me 1) that I don't need to lose weight, and 2) If I am, I should do what they do. And while the Fridays until Easter will be harder for me to stay on track, I think in some cases, its worth it. The hosts really get great satisfaction seeing people enjoy their meal each week, and I smile deep inside to give them compliments. So I'll eat small portions, count points like a madman, and enjoy hearing about someone's grandson's wife dental issues.

Anyway, the positive: I've exercised several times this week- 4 days a week, and twice on one of those days. And while I didn't count my attempts at jump roping yesterday as exercise, I did spend 15 or 20 minutes or so really trying to figure out the dynamics of my rope and I. I've gotten at least 8 glasses of water in every day. And now that I'm starting Week 4 (yes, 4) of this big shenanigan, I feel like I'm going to make it. I'm focusing more and more on what's healthy and satisfying rather than what's point effective, and I'm more and more excited about working out. Plus, I'm down to 202 now, which means only 2 more pounds until I can treat myself to the Juno soundtrack. Moldy Peaches, anyone?