Thursday, February 28, 2008

Photo Lineup

Ah, the inevitable before, during, and after pictures. I will update this when capriciousness strikes me.

31 October 2008: Bedroom
I'm weighing in at 189-190 around this time. The dress is vintage, and weirdly sized. It's marked as a 20 1/2, but I have no idea how that would translate into today's sizing. For reference, I wore size 14 jeans and an XL top. The dress puckered some around the waist (the dress's waist much much higher than my natural waist) and breasts, but a month before, I hadn't been able to button it at all. And in case you're wondering why I'm taking photos of myself on Halloween wearing a vintage dress and Victory Rolls (the hair), I was going to a party, dressed as a 40's girl. Some said I look like Flannery O'Connor, and since this was a party of English grad students, we went with that.

1 March 2008: Riverbanks Botanical Gardens, Cola, SC.
I'm around 197-199 for this picture (Oh the wonders of a better bra!). The jeans are a 16, but a disastrously worn pair of 16s. XL shirt, $5.93 clearance earrings. Later that day, I'd shop sale at GAP and find that an XL button-up cotton top didn't pucker across the breasts and belly as it usually does. Noticing: less turkey-chin, increased fitness (no shmuck-tram to the gardens for me!), no lesser desire to pack 4 outfits for an overnight stay in Cola.

Thanksgiving Weekend, 2007
This is me. And the Geek Squad Boyfriend And no, he has not just returned from a door to door recruitment effort on behalf of the Mormons. That is the Geek Squad Uniform (note abundance of pens in pocket). I'm at my heaviest weight here, between 211 and 214 (depending on whether I go by the reading at my doctor's office or at my home). This is also one of the pictures that spurred me to get on track in mid-January, 2008. And to buy new bras.


Meg Wolff said...

I LOVED your blog banner! Found you through Annie's blog. I think you and your boyfriend are both really cute! Love the E.E.Cummings quote.