Monday, March 31, 2008

Reasons To Go Back to the Gym

1. To find the hot, smokin' pin-up girl body that is hiding behind my ass.
2. To tone my ass that hides my pin-up girl booty.
3. The locker room shower is cleaner than mine at home.
4. Oh, Mike.
5. Feeling like a salted slug isn't all it's cracked up to be.
6. I really, really want a haircut, and I have 11 pounds to go until I get to reward myself.
7. Graduation/Spring Break/Summer vacation pictures.
8. To justify the extra snack after dinner.
9. To catch up to the applesaucer's that are obviously way more fit than me.

Readers, be proud. I made it back to the gym this morning. I got up later than I meant to, so I only got a 15 minute run in. I wanted to do more, but I had to get to class-- good thing, too. Our resident graduate student taught the class, and it was a really fun discussion about Margery Kempe and her somewhat ironic desire for virginity, forgiveness, and haircloths, no matter how much she likes banging her husband. Literature is fun. But anyway, the run wasn't that terrible- I didn't set any resistance, but I set it to a moderately high incline and I ran fairly fast compared to my normal pace. And, like I said, I wanted to do more. I think it helped that I was borrowing my boyfriend's mp3 player, and all the DreamTheater and metal kept me going (compared to the more-than-perturbing story on the Phelps family/Westover Baptist Church (God as head-protestor? Are you serious?)- I'll probably review it later, I want to start some random reviews. There's some flossers I want to review. Yes, flossers. Because I floss now. And I tend to look up reviews on strange things like conditioner, nail polish, and abrasive tile cleaners (is Ajax or Comet right for me?).

Be well, everyone.


Scale Junkie said...

Great job hitting the gym if only for 15 minutes, it would have been easy to say I only have 15 minutes forget about it but it all adds up!

Your reasons to go back to the gym are great too!

Anonymous said...

Welol done for returning to the gym! I still really love going, and after a bad couple of weeks i think the gym prevented me from gaining this week. Keep it up!!
Hel x

Kathleen said...

Good girl! I succumbed to a slight slump and didn't go tonight. I blame nature. I'll add it to my blog later tonight...I'm proud of you!!! To which one do you go?
And did you really get engaged?!?!!?!