Monday, March 3, 2008

Catching Up

Saturday is my weigh-day, but I ignored it this week in favor of a trip to the zoo. This meant road-trip food. I know it could have meant healthy road trip food like apple slices and popcorn, but instead, it meant junky road trip food, like M&Ms and Cheetos for breakfast. Which is fine for me, I just don't want to know what I weigh. (I actually do know what I weigh, but it's 2 pounds heavier than what I weighed myself last Wednesday, so I'm ignoring it.) I'll have an official next Saturday.

On the plus side, I got to go to the zoo, which was fabulous. The boyfriend, Dustin, and I are ridiculously burned out from school and work (Geek Squad worked him 40 hours last week, even though he's part time, and I have a mild panic attack every time I even *think* about my thesis), so when he said that he had a Saturday off, I hinted (read: suggested strongly) that we should go to Columbia and hit up the zoo. He excitedly agreed and we were off. Before he knew it, I was suggesting we get married in the Botanical Gardens there. ("Today?" "No, not today. Next week." "Really?" "No. Maybe. What do you think?" "You're crazy, woman.")

On the plus-plus side, my Enell Sports Bra is scheduled for delivery today (I LOVE shipment tracking!!!!). This is the granddaddy of all sports bras, or it's supposed to be. Oprah backs it up, and she's got funbags like I do, so I trust her word on this. I'll let everyone know how fantastically supportive it is once I get back into the gym tonight. Not that you guys want to know more about my boobs, but hey, part of the deal, no?

Also, this is really hard. I'm not enjoying it all the time, no matter how much better I feel. I know it's supposed to be hard, I know I'd be kind of twisted to enjoy it, but I feel better for the saying of it. This is really hard.



I have an Enell sports bra (I'm actually wearing it right now!) and it is amazing. Worth every penny and then some. I have super big boobs and used to wear two sports bras and still had trouble. My Enell is three years old and still just as good as the day it arrived. Seriously, you'll love it.