Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gotta Love Those Supportive Men

For your pleasure, a conversation between the boyfriend and I as I weighed myself this morning (even though it totally isn't my weigh-in day):

Me: I knew I shouldn't have weighed myself!!
Babe: What's it say?
Me: 201.6!
Babe: It's all that pizza* in ya' from last night.
Me: After 9 hours of sleep, the pizza has digested.
Babe: Well, your hair is still wet.
Me: No, I'm just fat.
Babe: But your hair is wet! And you haven't pooped yet!

Aah, to have a supportive boyfriend that reminds me of my poop every time the scale goes up.

*The pizza was homemade whole wheat pizza, with tomato sauce, 2% Mozeralla cheese, Turkey Bacon and Pineapple. Healthy pizza. 3 point per slice pizza which was fantastic AND healthy, thankyouverymuch.


Helen said...

well done on the healthy option pizza!! Also, it's great that you have the support of your boyfriend, it helps so much. Maybe this will make you think twice next time you're tempted to weigh early.....the scales go so up and down, its not always a true picture!

Lovebug6100 said...

HI - I found your blog through Helen and found your view refreshing. Most of the blogs I read are written by women who are much older than me and sometimes I have a hard time relating...but I totally related to your so thanks!! Sometimes, I weigh in daily just so I can see the differences every day so I know what's normal for me...then when I see a higher number, it's no biggie, it's just part of my normal range...Thanks again!