Monday, March 17, 2008

Snack Time: A Recipe

Today, I am craving nothing but french fries and chocolate. I tried the whole "give yourself a taste of your craving so you won't binge" thing and it didn't work. 4 Hershey's kisses later, and I'm still desperate for Biggie Fries and a Frostie (don't ask me why, I don't know). Despite not even losing a pound this week, I'm THIS close to getting in my car.

In an effort to feed myself (because not only am I craving disgusting food, I'm actually hungry, and even though I had breakfast, lunch, AND those hershey's kisses, I'm still hungry a full 3 hours earlier than I usually get hungry) I decided to make a snack. A healthy snack, one that won't throw me into the "holy shit, I've no points left for supper" range.

The result? Easy Zucchini Parmesan.

Okay, the recipe wasn't mine originally, but from this point out, I'm claiming it.

Here's what you need:
1 you-sized zucchini (by you-sized, I mean the size you want to eat)
~ 1 Tbs grated Parmesan (I used the kind you shake out of a can, as I am not fancy enough to own a block of Parmesan and a grater)
~ 1/2 Tbs butter, light
Non-stick cooking spray (opt.)
This is for a mine-only, no-you-can't-have-any, I'm-not-sharing snack. If you'd like to make some for the other hairy house-apes running around, just multiply this recipe by however many zukes you're chopping up.

Here's what you do:
Line a cookie sheet with tin foil (see? Now you don't have to do any dishes...), then lightly coat with cooking spray (I didn't do this, and had no problems, especially since I don't plan on reusing this tin-foil like my mother used to make us do). Slice your zucchini - I made round slices, but it doesn't matter. You want them to be thin, but not too thin, maybe a quarter of an inch or so? Melt your butter, and drizzle it on your zuke slices (doesn't have to be a lot of butter, so if you want even less, or none, feel free). Sprinkle your Parmesan and broil it in the oven for a few minutes until the cheese starts to get bubbly and brown. Enjoy whilst warm--the zuke, not you. I figured this to be just around 2 points. If you cut out the butter, 1, but keep in mind that today, I am grumpy, and can't do math even when I'm in a good mood (double check it for yourselves).

Here's what you should be listening to:
a zippy pop song with an upbeat chorus and 4-bar bridge. Perhaps "Hard Days Night" by the Beatles. (Yes, all recipes should have a soundtrack. If you have a better suggestion for this snack, please let me know.)


AndrewE said...

That sounds pretty nice. I might have to give it a go.

LaSuave1 said...

I like the idea! Are you doing Weight Watchers? I'm actually just been cutting my portions in half, and I had given up fast food for Lent. That being said, I'm at Taco Bell right now...but Lent is over. Doing that acutally made it alot, and I mean, ALOT easier to eat well. Not being at the Deli anymore helps too. You know we can do this!!!!!!
BTW what happened to Parenthetical Me?

LisaN said...

LOL........I love the cooking/soundtrack idea. Maybe a few squats between chopping or while standing at the stove. Music is motivation....:)