Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This Ain't Your Trainer's Sports Bra

Or maybe it is...who am I to say?

The Enell is hardcore. I ordered the red one ('cause I'm saucy like that...and also because it was on closeout) and it shipped yesterday. I had to lay down to put it on. I don't even have to lay down to put on my skinny jeans. When I stood up, my boobs were pancaked. I have triple-Ds--it's not easy to pancake these things. Outside of the initial acclamation to the thing, it's actually a really comfortable sports bra (and I don't have to lay down anymore to put it on). It doesn't pull or cut into my skin, and the pancaking of the breasts? Totally worth it when you do 45 minutes on an elliptical. My boobs moved, but they didn't bounce. They also didn't hurt, which is a first. I wish I'd ordered this thing sooner, and paid for the expediated shipping. I've been wearing my regular bras to work out, and only in comparison to this baby do I realize the torture I've wreaked upon my poor boobs.

P.S.: Bloggers, forgive me, for I have sinned. I ate brownies and peanut butter cookies for lunch. I also had the super-cookie that was made of heaven and had not only chocolate and peanut butter chips in it, but toffee crumbles too. It was delicious... and almost worth it.